Call for cases

Case submission is closed

The submission deadline was 15 december 2022. 23:59 (CET)

Thank you for submitting your cases!

The XVI EBMWG International Bone Marrow Course invites submission of cases in the following categories:

1.- SM with an associated myeloid neoplasm.

2.- MPN, MDS/MPN or MDS with genetic alterations that impact in their classification.

3.- LPDs with villous lymphocytes (and other small B cell LPD) with genetic alterations that impact in their classification.

You can either send sections or scanned files. In case you send sections:

  1. 2 H&E and 5 unstained sections (in cases with very limited tissue please prioritize unstained sections).
  2. Please clearly label the slides with the Workshop case Number generated at case submission (e.g. EBMWG2023-SM-0001).
  3. Print out the workshop case abstract that is generated after submission and send along with the glass slides.
  4. Include contact details (email) of the submitting/corresponding author in the package that will be sent.
  5. Please indicate that goods have “a commercial value of €1.00” to avoid customs and import duties.
  6. Check list before you send your case:
    1. Are the slides properly labeled with the correct Workshop case Number’?
    2. Have you printed and enclosed the Workshop case abstract?
    3. Are the contact details (email and telephone number) included?
    4. Due to international restrictions, please send your slides by courier indicating a commercial value of €1.00.

In case you send scanned files:

  1. Send only 1 HE scanned image representative of the bone marrow biopsy in 1 single file.
  2. The image submitted must be in .svs (preferred format), .tiff (not to be confused with .tif) or .jp2 (.jpeg2000). The scanners offer possibilities of converting your digital slides into other formats. Please, convert your file into one of the formats mentioned above, if necessary.
  3. Please clearly label the file with the Workshop case number generated at the submission (e.g. EBMWG2023-SM-0001).
  4. Send the file via wetransfer ( to the following email address:
  5. Include in the Title field of the wetransfer message the Workshop case number generated at case submission and in the Message field add the name of the submitting/corresponding author:

Please read the essentials for cases carefully as abstracts not prepared correctly will not be considered for presentation.

  • PPT or PDF Submission with relevant morphological images and immunostainings
  • Case text is limited to 3,500 characters (including punctuation and spaces)
  • Case must be submitted in English
  • Please structure your case as follows:
    • Clinical History
    • BM Biopsy fixation/decalcification details
    • Morphological findings
    • Immunophenotype
    • Cytogenetics
    • Molecular studies
    • Proposed diagnosis
    • Interesting feature(s) of submitted case
  • No tables and no graphics can be used
  • All cases must contain original work
  • Please choose a topic
  • Please upload your slides (max. 10 MB, PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Please check spelling and grammar carefully. All abstracts will be published as submitted

Case submission

The deadline for sending a case is December 15th 2022.
In case you send sections, they must be sent to Dr. Maria Rozman. Please indicate that goods have “a commercial value of 1 EUR” to avoid customs and import duties.

Please note that a printed copy of the case details should be enclosed along with the slides.

Cases will be organized into sessions using the topics chosen by the submitter in the online system but may be rescheduled at the discretion of the workshop panel.

Posting address

Dr. Maria Rozman 

Seccion de Hematopatologia, escalera 2 planta 5

Hospital Clinic

Villarroel 170, 08036

Barcelona, SPAIN